Presentation: Easy Local Development with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes using Skaffold

Joe is presenting at the San Diego Elastic Meetup, it's virtual so check it out! Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) provides everything you need to run the Elasticsearch and Kibana in Kubernetes. We will use ECK together with Skaffold, an open-source Kubernetes tool from Google, to create a simple, flexible, and modular environment that is […]

Game Jam

Coding Blocks is hosting a Game Jam in January 2021. The idea is to make a game with whatever time you can spare over a few days with an emphasis on publishing over polishing. The Jam runs from January 21 - 24, midnight to midnight GMT. Sign up for it on Theme: Everything […]

6 Figure Developer Twitch Stream

Joe will be streaming with the great folks over at the 6 Figure Developer, working on, kubernetes, k9s and skaffold.